Mark Ruark Dog Training 


The following services are offered by Mark Ruark Dog Training.  For prices and scheduling, please contact Mark at 970-926-1559 or

Puppy Class
This class is for puppies ages 10-14 weeks.  It is a 4 week class, one day per week, which teaches you how to teach your puppy basic skills such as sit, down, come, stay, off, the hand-eye game, and the beginnings of leash work.  Socialization with other dogs is another main component of this class.  Weeknight and weekend options are available.
Adolescent Dog Class (Drop In)
This class is held once per week and allows those who came to puppy class to continue working on their training in a group setting.  Ages typically range from five months to one year and the class takes place on the weekend.

Adult Dog Class (Drop In)
These classes are for those who wish to continue their training into their dogs adult years.  With weeknight and Saturday options to choose from, we continue to work on manners and the basic commands.  This is a great class to keep your dog fresh and for you to ask Mark any questions you have related to behavior and training.

Private Sessions/Behavior Consultations
Whether you have a specific issues you would like to work on with your canine friend or you simply like learning one on one, private sessions are available, either at your home or at the training center.

Dog Sitting
Done in your home or at Mark's, dog sitting services are offered for those who are leaving town either on a short trip or a long vacation.  Rest assured that your dog will get plenty of stimulating play and hike time while you're gone and you will have a balanced pooch when you get home - maybe he will even be brushed up on his manners!
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