Mark Ruark Dog Training 


Only positive reinforcement training methods are used at Mark Ruark Dog Training.  Not only is this a kinder way of training, but the dogs learn more quickly and retain what they've learned better than other methods.  It's more fun for both owner and canine alike and everyone always leaves a private or group class with a smile on their face!  Food, toys, games, and attention are used as motivation and rewards.  Clicker training is also a main component of what you and your canine companion will learn with Mark, strengthening what is being taught.

Commands are taught with the intention to help handle day-to-day situations we encounter in life with our canine companions.  If we teach our dogs humanely and with consistency, there is not limit to what goals can be accomplished.  No issue is too great to work through if we are willing to put in the time and effort needed.
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